Company Profile


TECHMECH ENGINEERS harnesses the synergy of skills and expertise of its member company, We deliver products of
finest quality and is committed to achieving customer satisfaction by providing quality products and services in a cost effective and environment friendly
manner. In a world where businesses are walking over each other in order to win the race, TECHMECH ENGINEERS believes in fair play and healthy competition.
We practice what we preach and our commitment to our client remains our fortress.

Our Management

It is necessary to consolidate at any further step in the torrent of market economy. Entering the later half of the (1900s),
Techmech strategy of solidification, replenishment and enhancement in view of our own existing situation. The purpose is to lay a good foundation and
perfect management, and to store up energy and power for the next century. We are never afraid of challenge.

In fact, we have a good understanding of the crucial rule in the competitive ages. We have been growing up with consistent challenges
to our thoughts and abilities. Therefore, we know we still have many more things to do. Since (1990s) Techmech has build-up of Group Corporation. We have
broadened our business structure into a rather wide field, including foreign trade, industry, finance, storage transportation, as well as touring. But we
stick to an enterprise essence of perfect, sincerity, and to serve the whole society. we are capable of supplying the finest service and products to our

This is our philosophy of management which emphasizes that the price competition will be taken the place of by the serving quality
competition, meanwhile, the power of an enterprise is bound to reflect the personnel superiority and service quality, with rapid booming of market economy
and averaging of profits.

We believe that, as an enterprise of unique ideals and high aspiration, our own advantages are always kept closely with those of
the whole society. We are willing to cooperate with you and other friends of all walks of life.

The Major Machines Are Manufactured :

Advanced Computerised Sectional Warping Machine

Servo Driven

PLC Models

Electro mechanical

Drum Driven

Direct Warpers

Spindle Driven

Warpers for Nero Fabrics

Warping Creels with Electronic stop motions

Precision Tensioners

So far more than 1600 machines are supplied all over India at major textile centres. Company has been accredited by an ISO 9001 : 2008
certification with the team of skilled engineers and designing section to cater to the needs of the industry in weaving yarn preparations. All the developments
are in-house and customised as per specific requirements.

Also D & B has attributed us with their credit rating certification No.: D-U-N-S-No.91-699-4937.


The Company is participating in various exhibition as a :

  • India-ITME exhibition regularly from 1996 to 2012.
  • viz. Udyog 2002 & again in 2006,
  • AMMTSM-2003,
  • KNIT-TECH 2005,
  • TEXPO’98 and
  • TEXMEC 2007, Delhi.
  • Tech Mech have also participated in International exhibitions viz. ITME-ASIA 2005 in singapore,
  • ATME 12006, ATLANTA, U.S.A.
  • Also we participate more exhibitions in India and all over the world.

We are specialist in industrial fabrics yarn preparatory.